We service Geelong, the surf coast and Bellerine with landscaping that includes:

  • Garden beds, wicking beds, retaining walls

    Cypress, treated pine sleeper, or corton steel retaining walls and beds are a great way to create multiple levels and add depth to a garden. This could be as small as a 1 meter vegetable bed or terracing that spans the property.

    Wicking beds allow for capture of rain or irrigation water in the bottom of a garden bed which the plants on top then draw from, ‘wicking’ the water back up through soil. We install wicking beds of all sizes and shapes

  • Paving and surfacing

    Brick and stone paving on either concrete or crushed rock can provide sealed low maintenance areas that expand you living space. Paving stone is a great way to compliment the softness of planted space and open up areas for enjoying your garden.

  • Fences and gates

    We design and build bespoke front fences and gates using timber or steel. This a great way to add beauty and a sense of entrance into a house or garden space.

  • Decks

    Decks are another way to expand a living area adding the warmth of timber to your outdoor environment. We use both natural timber or wood composite boards on treated pine subframes suited to coastal Geelong, surf coast and Bellerine climates.

  • Irrigation systems

    Irrigation systems save time and water by delivering water when and where its needed. We use simple automated timers on drip hose which are cost effective and easy to maintain or alter if needed. Irrigation helps new plantings to establish and get through their first summers, minimising plant loss and saving you time.

Most landscape construction will need a design before works begin. Although not always strictly necessary for smaller jobs, it is useful to have a working drawing to understand the scale of construction in relation to the garden and for accurate costing. We offer consultation and design of gardens prior to garden construction. We service Geelong and the surrounding area

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